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Teaching children how to depend on themselves

Teaching children how to depend on themselves

Teaching children how to depend on themselves

Parents often ask about Raising children and teaching them self-reliance

How do I get my son to study alone and concentrate on studying?

When does the child depend on himself to eat?

How do I let my son rely on himself?

To answer these questions about raising children in a self-reliant way, we first need to know that we are often the reason to make the child dependent and dependent on us. The children are naturally curious and love the tradition of adults, so they want to do all the work themselves, but the parents often reject to let child does some things.

This rejection is for several reasons:

Either because the child can not do what he wants to do.

Time constraints, and many parental concerns

that do not let them have time to get on their child until the job leads.

For fear of the child from harm, or to be dirty and spread chaos in the place.

So the easiest way is to do their child’s work on his behalf, but it’s easier today,
In the future, it will create many difficulties and make the child dependent,
and in order to reach a compromise that satisfies parents and develop the personality of the child,
here are the following:

Steps to teach the child to rely on himself:

If you want to go to visit your relative, and your child cried to wear his shoes with a tie,
you know that he can wear shoes,

But can not tie it, often the mother to wear the child’s shoe and tie it,
but the correct behavior is to let the child wears his shoes himself,

Then the mom tie the shoe, that is, if your child can accomplish part of the task,
let him do it and then you can complete the part that he can not.

If you want to change your baby’s clothes, start early before the time,
so that your child can take enough period to do that.

If you are really busy with time and work, tell your child clearly that you will do it on his behalf this time because you are urgent and next time you will do it yourself.

When your child’s request is a job he can not do because he is still young.
Let him know that you will let him when he grows up, and remember him about some tasks he could not have done before, but now he can, like that game on the second floor of the closet,
which he could not reach, Then he became taller and more accessible, and his orange buttoned shirt that he could not have worn himself, and now he can wear it without help.

If you are afraid to hurt himself or contaminate his clothes,
you should only have a suitable environment, under your eyes.

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