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My grandfather’s lantern

My grandfathers lantern 1 - My grandfather's lantern

Whenever I went to my grandfather's house I saw something beautiful hanging on the wall, I did not know what that thing was.

I always wondered why we did not have like this one in our house.

Perhaps it is for decoration.. Or maybe someone gave it to him.

One night I went to visit my grandfather, but I found him putting his clothes on, so I asked him:

Where are you going, my grandfather?

"I am going to the field for a while, I have a job there," he replied with a smile.

Then I replied to him:  but!! I came to see you, my beloved grandfather, let me go with you Please, my grandfather. He answered me excitedly:

"Welcome, Esam, ask your mother for a permission, put your shoes on, and hug me. My grandfather holds my hand while holding that thing with another hand, I was about to ask him about it, but the talk stole us, so I forgot to ask him. In the field I heard sound of cricket, and the full moon was in the sky, so the fields were lit more than the rest of the month, but the moonlight was not enough, which made my grandfather light that thing.

I looked at him to astonish, and I said with wonder:

Oh my God! It has become like a lamp shining around it.

My grandfather replied: "Your view while you are astonished is beautiful, Essam. I excuse you because your generation does not know this thing called the lantern. You are accustomed to light bulbs. My grandfather, you mean that you used this lantern to light your homes? Did not you have electricity, my grandfather? I asked him oddly.

Yes, Essam, we were lighting our houses with a can, because the light bulb was not invented yet..

invented by a person named Edison.. My grandfather replied.

I opened my eyes and said: do you know, my beloved grandfather? I did not expect that you were living without electricity.

These inventions have made our life easier, Essam, and you, my beloved little boy,

when you grow up, you can become an inventor and make our lives easier,

this was the response of my beloved grandfather.

But I do not know what to invent, I said.

When you grow up you'll learn a lot of things, Essam, and then you can decide what to invent.

My grandfather answered me and the smile on his cheeks.

My grandfather smiled and handed me the lantern.

I carried him and strolled a little among the trees.

Whenever I approached a tree I saw her imagination clearly. I imagined the trees talking to each other.

When we went back to the house I turned off the lights, lit the lantern and began to move my hands with different movements,

moving some small things and seeing her imagination on the wall, and imagining it as a puppet theater that performs a spectacle. It was a very enjoyable night at my grandfather's house

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